Protect your property
from damaging insects!

Attacks from chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs or mole crickets can cause significant damage to your beautiful Southwest Florida lawn. And that reflects badly on your home’s curb appeal. With a licensed entomologist and horticulturist on staff, Irvin Pest Control Inc. has the expertise to solve your problems. You can also take advantage of our fertilization and weed control programs for your turf.

Love for your ornamentals

Insects can also damage your ornamentals. Damaging insects such as scales, mealybugs, thrips, mites and other multi-legged pests can do a lot of damage to your plants. But Irvin Pest Control’s programs will handle these pests whether they are on your plants, shrubs, palms or other vegetation. Plus, our fertilizer programs will help keep your plants looking fresh and lush for years to come.

Yellow Jacket on leaf.
Yellow Jacket on leaf.

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